Doctor’s services

Duty doctor

The doctors who staff our duty team live locally to all our locations in Norway: Stavanger, Bergen, Florø, Kristiansund, Brønnøysund, Hammerfest and Kirkenes. Most of the duty doctors are GPs who have completed supplementary courses and received training in acute medical aid. We also have duty doctors who are specialists in the fields of anaesthesia and acute medicine, orthopaedics/trauma surgery, cardiology and diving medicine.

Our duty doctors provide continuous coverage (24/7-365) on the basis of our own shift plans. Our doctors are available to provide professional medical advice and assist platform medical staff with treatment. In addition, our duty doctors can be contacted via the company’s emergency response and HSE organisation.

We have our own ICT systems including telephony and video-based communication

Operator Supervisor Doctor

The role of the Operator Supervisor Doctor is to assure that the company is in compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations regarding the health contingency programmes, and with regard to sub-suppliers to the operator company. This doctor has a general role based on supervision in the area of general health and occupational health and safety. The doctor submits declarations to the County Medical Officer in Rogaland, the County Governor in Rogaland, in the context of all consent applications and the start-up of assignments for the client.

Emergency response doctor

OHS provides second line emergency response doctor services. The assignments are aligned with the client’s key processes. The primary task is to coordinate the healthcare-related logistics in connection with major incidents and accidents. The doctors are based in the client’s second line emergency response centre.

Professionally responsible doctor

The professionally responsible doctor is an occupational health practitioner with professional responsibility for the client’s installations. This entails professional medical responsibility for occupational healthcare and health-related contingency plans. The doctor’s primary focus is on operative occupational healthcare, prevention and supervision in the context of general health and occupational health and safety.